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Coverage with the mobile unit of LNFS

Coverage LNFS with UMHD3

Coverage with the mobile unit of LNFS

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VAV Middle East Presentation

VAV Middle East Presentation

VAV expands its horizons to Emirates

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Saudi Arabia Training

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VAV ME / First matches of the season in UAE

Saturday, 15 October 2016 17:12

VAV ME has started the season producing the host signal for the Arabian Gulf League in UAE. This past weekend we covered the match between the teams of Kalba and Sharjah. Both teams have been promoted to the premier championship of UAE, and have had a very good start winning their first matches of the year. It remains to be seen whether they can still stay in safe positions of the competition for all the season. To cover this match, VAV ME moved OBVan 11 with a display of 13 cameras for 14 positions, what shows one more year, the high level of quality and means required for productions in the Emirati league. For this particular production we had 4 box lenses, 3 EVS, 1 Jimmy Jib and an orbiter as highlights.





VAV Middle East and LIVE HD have reached an agreement by which VAV ME will again provide creative crew this season. VAV ME will provide 22 camera operators, two crane operators2 steady cam operators and 4 EVS operators participating in all kinds of productions: OBVansstudiosENG, etc... For the second consecutive year, VAV Middle East has joined forces with Nome Code Green to meet the needs of the agreement. Green has been working for over seven years with VAV, both nationally and internationally, to offer creative solutionsand technical personnel to our customers.

VAV / Uvetech // HD OBVan 15: First work OK

Saturday, 10 September 2016 14:32

As we advance in the previous Newsletter, the new HD OBVan 15, designed and integrated by VAV / Uvetech it is finished and has started working this week. The OBVan has moved to the city of Merida to produce, the "Entrega de Medallas de Extremadura", for Canal Extremadura TV. In this work the OBVan it is equipped with 12 camera chains5 box lenses6 angular lenses1 EVS2 steady cams1 crane1 Titling Inscriber Title One, provision of audio sound to the set of information and interviews: 3 sets in ear3 hand mics and 5 DPAs. A major event that the new HD OBVan 15 has covered perfectly in its coming-out. Since VAV we are happy with the result and are confident that we have made a OBVan with the capacity of our national and international customers are demanding.

End of Seasson / United Arab Emirates

Thursday, 23 June 2016 14:09

After 10 months of work, the number of productions are reduced by the arrival of the extreme heat to Emirates. During this season, we have made more than 200 productions covering a wide range of events. Among the sport productions, we can highlight our host services for national competitions like AGL, AGC and President Cup; the coverage of the Abu Dhabi Triathlon, valid for the world championship in the specialty; and the international championships for FINA of open water swim and high diving. Among the numerous events produced, we believe we can outstand the Sheikh Zayed Festival, the most important heritage and cultural festival of the country, dedicated to the figure of the founder of UAE; and the opening ceremony of Qasr al Muwaiji in the city of Al AinBut not everything has been productions with OBVans, we have also given service of creative crew reaching a total of more than 4,000 services during the season. Our cameramen and EVS operators have been witness of exception of the breaking news and the most important events in the country during the past year.


President's Cup

Friday, 27 May 2016 00:57

Every year, football season officially closes with the dispute of the President's Cup. This year the competition will be decided between four teams that have reached the semi-finalsAl AinBaniyasAl Ahli and Al JaziraVAV Middle East was present in the quarterfinals producing the unilateral signal for Abu Dhabi Sports with the OBVan 10. The games we covered were Al Ain vs Al Wasl and Emirates vs BaniyasThe deployment was the usual for this type of productions with 8 HD camera chains, including a studio stage with 3 HD camera chains1 box lens operating as an exclusive camera for the channel, and 4 HD camera chains covering interviews with the main roles of the event.

End of Arabian Gulf League

Friday, 27 May 2016 00:54

VAV Middle East was part of the device of LIVE Media productions for coverage of the day by moving its OBVans to Dubai, to the stadiums of Al Nasr and Al Shabab, where the relegation of several teams was played. The device for the production was 13 HD camera chains , including 3 EVS4 box lenses1 crane and 2 mini-cameras. VAV Middle East was part of the device of LIVE Media productions for coverage of the day by moving its OBVans to Dubai, to the stadiums of Al Nasr and Al Shabab, where the relegation of several teams was played. The device for the production was 13 HD camera chains , including 3 EVS4 box lenses1 crane and 2 mini-cameras.

Sports in UAE

Monday, 09 May 2016 08:59

The end of the season comes to UAE and outdoor sports leagues reach their conclusion. The Arabian Gulf League championship, with only one round to be played, has finally be won by the team of Al-Ahli, his second title in three years. Al-Ahli is a team of the city of Dubai and has spent several years fighting for supremacy in the Emirati league against Al Ain, the country's most successful team.
In the penultimate round of the championship, VAV Middle East has covered with its OB Van 11 two matches in the cities of Sharjah and Al Dhafrah, witnessing the games in which the descent is being decided, reaching the final round with 4 teams struggling to avoid the end of the table. The device has been the usual of 13 HD camera chains, 1 SSLM, 1 crane, 4 box lenses and 2 mini-cameras for the goals. Not only soccer leagues come to an end, also the indoor sports are reaching their final stages and OB Van 10 was commissioned to cover the volleyball match between the teams of Al Jazira and Baniyas. The UAE football teams are sports clubs where other sports are represented, such as volleyball, basketball and handball. The device for the game was 7 HD camera chains, including 2 box lenses and 1 SSLM.

Water Sports from UAE

Monday, 02 May 2016 10:36

Water sports are very popular in a country with over 650 km of coastline and more than 330 days of sunshine a year, and this is reflected in the numerous presence of water sports competitions of all specialties. This weekend, VAV Middle East has covered two of these competitions from the corniche of Abu Dhabi: a wooden powerboats championship and a jetski championshipOB Van 10 has covered both events and has been part of a large device in which we can highlight microwave linksheavy lenses, 9 meters crane and 8 HD camera chains.

Creative Services Crew / UAE

Monday, 02 May 2016 10:35

VAV Middle East, as announced in September, has been all season providing creative services crew for LIVE Media Productions, providing coverage in their productions of OBsstudios and ENGs servicesThe profiles we are providing are OB camera operatorstudio camera operatorcrane operatorsSteadicam operators and EVS operatorsThe experience of this first year has been very positive and we have achieved an average of more than 450 services per month.

We are in the last days of the regular season and excitement is munching on all the stadiums. With 4 rounds left in the competition, the distance between the top two teams is only 6 points after an exciting match between the two clubs last weekendAl Ahli, champion last year, is getting closer to repeat the championship against his persecutor, Al Ain clubVAV Middle East has been a witness of exception of this game as his OB Van 10 was responsible for the production of the unilateral coverage for Abu Dhabi Media with a display of 10 camera chains to cover all angles of the game. Besides this match, we were present in three more games in this round, covering the AGL matches of Emirates vs Dibba, Al Shaab vs Al Jazira, and the thrilling encounter of the First Division (2nd division UAE) between Hatta and Ajman, in which the team of the small town of Hatta closed its ascent to the AGL.

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