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Coverage with the mobile unit of LNFS

Coverage LNFS with UMHD3

Coverage with the mobile unit of LNFS

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VAV Middle East Presentation

VAV Middle East Presentation

VAV expands its horizons to Emirates

Saudi Arabia Training

Saudi Arabia Training

VAV offers diferent kinds of technical trainings to Saudi TV 

VAV Middle East remains protagonist covering international competitions from United Arab Emirates. On this occasion, since February 26, and from the yacht club facilities in Abu Dhabi, we have covered FINA (International Swimming Federation) marathon in open waters and high diving world cup.
Emirati´s perfect winter temperatures have welcomed 4 intense days of water sport bringing together the best swimmers in the world in both specialties.
Two events are on the programme: a men's competition in five rounds and a women's competition in two rounds. Men perform five dives from a 27m platform while women take off from a 20m platformOB Van 11 was allocated for the production of the event with an extensive technical and human device. Among the specifications of a production with 10 camera chains we can highlight the use of a Technocrane 50, a Hyperslowmotion camera, cineflex and link systems.


Arabian Gulf League

Tuesday, 01 March 2016 01:28

Football and more football. Last weekend VAV Middle East has produced 3 of the 7 matches of the 19th round of the Arabian Gulf League. For that we have travelled around the country visiting the cities of Fujairah, Sharjah and Dubai.
OB Van 8 travelled to Dubai and Sharjah to cover the matches of  Al Nasr vs Dibba Fujairah and Al Shaab vs Sharjah. 3 of the 4 teams are engaged in a struggle for permanence where it seems that the team of Al Shaab (Sharjah City) is out of options with a balance of 15 defeats in 19 rounds.OB Van 11 moved to Fujairah to cover the match between Al Wasl and Fujariah. Fujairah, penultimate qualifying team confirmed its bad position with a defeat in their own stadium. Al Wasl remains in a position to access the Asian competition equivalent to the Europa League. The device for the 3 games was the usual with HD 13 camera chains, including 4 box lenses, 1 crane, 2 mini-cameras, 1 orbiter and a HD 42x.


Thursday, 25 February 2016 15:41

Among the many festivals held in the country during the winter, the one held in the city of Sweihan, 100 km east of the capital, stands out. In the festival you can find heritage markets, camel auctions, races of salukis (dog race typical of the region) and above all and as main attraction, camel races are heldThis time, our OB Van 11 has deployed a higher gear than usual for this type of events and the deployment has been of 12 HD camera chains. Among them we count 4 box lenses, 1 SSLM, 2 mini-cameras, 1 Jimmy jib of 6 meters, octocopter, 2 cameras in jeeps and 5 wireless systems.

World Government Summit 2016 / Dubai

Saturday, 20 February 2016 00:31

Last week VAV ME has participated in one of the most important events of the year in the United Arab Emirates: the World Government Summit 2016. In the facilities of Mina a'Salam, at the foot of the Burj Al Arab, the famous 7-star wing-shape hotel in Dubai, senior international personalities from politics, sociology, social thought and business meet to discuss government trends in the world and to investigate new ways of political social progress. This year Barack Obama, President of the United States, will be the main guest of the Summit. OB Van 11 has been shifted to Dubai to prepare a production of 4 cameras for a personalize production for Abu Dhabi Media with three cameras on a special set and a wireless system for interviews.

Arabian Gulf League / Fujariah

Friday, 12 February 2016 15:24

One more week, Vav Middle East has been chosen as host broadcaster for the Arabian Gulf League. This time, we have moved to the emirate of Fujariah to offer the match between Dibba Fujairah and Al Shabab. The small team of Dibba has become the surprise of the season.  Newly promoted to the first division, the team is getting very good results and is in a comfortable sixth position, even with hopes of qualifying for international competitions. OB Van 11 deployment was the usual for this type of games: 13 HD cameras including 4 lenses box, a Jimmy jib, two mini-cameras, one 42x and 3 EVS.


Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week

Monday, 01 February 2016 13:29

VAV Middle East has been on the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week held last week at the fairgrounds of ADNEC. The event has been a great success with the presence of international authorities on sustainable and renewable energy.
More than 32,000 participants from 170 countries have participated in this event reflecting the growing attention that the United Arab Emirates has on new forms of energy. One of the flagship projects of this philosophy is the development of Masdar City, a project of a city powered entirely by renewable energy and the latest developments in sustainability.
Abu Dhabi Media maintained a daily special program at the event to report from the same venue. HD OB Van 10 was in charge of bringing the information to emirate’s houses with a display of 6 HD camera chains.

King's Cup Semifinals

Thursday, 28 January 2016 15:39

VAV Middle East has been in one of the semifinals of the King's Cup championship. The last Tuesday we witnessed the duel between the team of Al Wasl (former team of Maradona as a coach) and Al Wahda, one of the most important teams of the capital. The deployment for the match was 13 HD cameras, including 4 box lenses, 2 mini-cameras in the goals and a crane. HD OB 11 was in charge of production.


Falcons Al Hadeera special program

Thursday, 28 January 2016 15:34

For the third consecutive year, VAV Middle East has been responsible for the production of the special program for the falcons races held every year in Al Falah, on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi. The championship, the UAE President Cup, unites competitors from several countries and is growing in importance every year. The deployment consists of 7 HD cameras, including a crane, to produce a program that reflects the old tradition of sitting by the fire in the evening and enjoy racing anecdotes of the day.


Football in UAE

Monday, 18 January 2016 13:56

The King of Sports has taken center stage this week on the agenda of VAV Middle East and has held most of the productions. We have covered 5 games these days: 3 matches of the AGL League and two international friendly matches.
In this round of the AGL leagueVAV ME has taken care of the production of the matches of Al WahdaAl Dhafrah and Baniyas, all of them, teams from the Emirate of Abu DhabiThe deployment was the usual for this type of games with a total of 13 HD camera chains, including 1 SSM camera, 3 EVS's, 3 box lenses, 1 42x, 1 Jimmy Jib crane and 2 mini cameras.
As for international friendly matches, we have produced the signal for the duels between the national teams of Sweden and Estonia, and Finland and Iceland. The Nordic teams are doing a tour of friendlies in the area taking advantage of the excellent weather conditions during the emirati winter.

LIWA International Festival Moreeb Dune 2016

Tuesday, 12 January 2016 13:27

We start the new year in United Arab Emirates at full speed.  Our OBVan 10 is present in the LIWA INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL MOREEB DUNE 2016. The seven day festival attracts the region’s most powerful four wheel drives and bikers to face exciting challenges including cars drag race, bikes race, motocross track challenge and RC cars race, camel race, horse race, classic cars competition and Moreeb track for freestyle drifting. Al Moreb Hill (translated as Scary Mountain) is a huge dune in the surroundings of LIWA, belonging to the Rab al Kahli dessertthe Empy Quarter.  With a reported 50 degree slipface, and height of 120 metres, it is a perfect place for sand drags. Moreeb Hill is supposedly the tallest dune in the UAE, and one of the largest hill climbs in the world. During the festival, we are producing a daily more than one hour program that covers all the event news. For this, we have a coverage of 7 camera chains, including one 7 meters jimmy jib and 2 wireless cameras.


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