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Camel Races // Al Wathba / Abu Dhabi

Saturday, 14 November 2015 16:05 Written by 
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Camel races take place in the outskirts of Abu Dhabi city, in the Al Wathba neighborhood. This is the area where two impressive camel race tracks are located, as well as the National Federation headquarters.

This time, OB Van 11 was there to cover the races taking place in the smaller of the two circuits in Abu Dhabi (up to 8 kms length), during the weekend. Races start up at 7am, at dawn, to finish its first round by 10am. Then, when the sun goes down, it starts again offering an amazing show during the sunset.

 The usual display for this productions includes 1 Superslow motion camera  and two jeeps fixed with 2 cameras to cover the race, beside other cameras like the ones located at the start and finish lines.

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