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VAV ME: Camel Racing / GCC Cup / UAE

Saturday, 10 December 2016 14:54 Written by 
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OB Van 15 continues having a big role in the camel season and has been in charge of the production of one of the events of the year in the modality: the GCC Cup. On November 23and 24, VAV has produced the international signal of the championship that brings together the best camels in the region. There have been participants from Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait,Bahrain and, of course, the best camels in the United Arab EmiratesThe production has been at the level of the event and we have prepared a deployment of 20 HD cameras including 2 cineflex cameras, 1 Russian arm and 1 drone following the evolution of the race; 5 wireless systems, 3 mini cameras, a Hyper motion camera, 1 superslow camera and 1 crane (9 meters) as highlights.





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