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Alba Ruz

Alba Ruz

On Friday, November 4, Uvetech had the pleasure of being the audiovisual company in charge of the screening that took place in Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE, where one of the international celebrations that annually held this Beach Club located in Ghantoot, between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
1 Christie HD 20K projector and 1 6m x 3.5m projection screen were the focus of the nearly 2,500 people who danced to the music of the famous DJ Loco Dice.
This magnificent place of Ibiza style is recognized as one of the best Beach Clubs in the world.

Uvetech, an engineering company belonging to the group of VAV companies renews its corporate image and Portfolio services for its customers.
The new image symbolizes the new era and embodies the strength of the company that lies in its power of adaptation to the changes of the market, as well as the new lines of business for which it is betting.
In addition to the OB Vans design and integration business units, engineering and integration design and supply of Broadcast equipments for televisions, which is already being developed by the company, incorporates the new line of Robotics applied to Broadcast, services and sale of audiovisual material, supply and installation of Broadcast materials for permanent or specific events installations.
 Download the new catalog with all the new features of Uvetech: click here





Saturday, 10 December 2016 14:46

VAV ME: Camel racing in Abu Dhabi

New OB Van 15 HD delves fully into the Emirati culture through popular camel races that are held every week in Al Wathba, on the outskirts of the capital. VAV is responsible for the host signal of the races of the week with a display of 5 HD camera chains, including a SSLM camera, 1 box lens 95x and 2 Wireless cameras that are mounted in 2 jeeps to follow the lead of the race.


Saturday, 10 December 2016 14:43

VAV ME: OB Van 15 reaches UAE

New OB Van HD 15 from VAV has just arrived to UAE to provide services, next to the OB Van 11, to LIVE HD within the agreement closed early in the season.

With the arrival of this high capacity OB Van (20 camera chains), VAV is among the leading companies of outside broadcasting in the country.  In total, VAV has 26 cameras, 8 heavy optical, 6 EVS available 3 Jimmy SSM and two jibs in the UAEOB Van 15 is already at full capacity and performs this weekend two productions of matches of the first Emirati division, AGL, from the cities of Madina Zayed and Fujairah. Both productions are performed with a display of 13 camera chains.



Last Friday F.C. Barcelona Lassa started playing at Palau Blaugrana basketball Euroleague against Fenerbahçé UlkerVAV set the new OB Van SSM1 for replays of the best plays in Super Slow Motion. OB Van will be equipped with 2 camera chains (SONY HDC 3300R), XT3 8CH SSM EVS and operating crew.

Saturday, 10 December 2016 14:40

VAV ME: Sailing competitions in Abu Dhabi

Good weather arrives to the UAE and outdoor activities take centre stage. One of the most prominent activities are water sports. In this country many sailing races are held for 9 monthsThis time we have covered the production of racing 43 feet sailboats in Abu Dhabi. From the corniche of the capital of the emirate, we followed the race through three linked cameras and prepared a study on the marina from which cover all the activities around the race. OB Van 11 covered the race with 8 cameras including a Jimmy Jib and 4 wireless cameras.


Saturday, 10 December 2016 14:38

Uvetech / VAV: HD OB Van SSM1 / Madrid / SPAIN


Uvetech engineering company belonging to the group of companies VAV, is integrating the new HD OBVan SSM 1 for VAV, which will start work in the near future. All engineering has been developed by the Uvetech design team and also carry out the installation and startup of the equipment. This OBVan will be equipped with HD video Matrix 40x40, 2 monitors 18.5", 1 double waveform monitor, 1 DMON16S multiscreen, 2 Yamaha MSP3 speakers for audio monitoring, 2 SONY HDC 3300R 3-phase camera chains, 2 HD box lenses 86X, 1 XT3 8CH SSM EVS. A OBVan lightweight and versatile to give service both SSM and for small productions.

VAV production company, has been awarded the Super Slow Motion cameras contract tender for Euroleague Basketball, organized by TV3. During the next season2016-2017, VAV provide 2 camera chains SSM 3-phase, 2 HD box lens, 1 EVS XT3 8 CH SSM, in addition to the assembly and operation crew for each Euroleague match that F.C. Barcelona play in the Palau Blaugrana. The first services will start later this October and will run until the end of March 2017.

Saturday, 15 October 2016 17:22

Arabian Gulf Cup: third round matches / UAE

This week, VAV Middle East was responsible to cover the host signal for two games of the Arabian Gulf Cup. This time, we moved to the city of Dubai to cover the matches of Al Nasr - Al Shabab and Al Ahli - Baniyas. Al Ahli and Al Nasr are among the favourites to win the tournament. OBVan 11 was responsible to produce the signal, providing a display of 13 HD camera chains, including 5 box lenses, 1 Jimmy Jib, 1 orbiter and 2 mini-cameras.

Saturday, 15 October 2016 17:20

Uvetech: RTVE engineering tenders / SPAIN

Uvetech engineering company belonging to the group of VAV companies, has been awarded 2 new engineering tenders summoned by RTVE. In the first tender, Uvetech perform engineering, integration and installation of technical equipment of the Territorial Center of RTVE in Navarra (Pamplona). In the second tender, Uvetech was awarded the contract for the engineering, integration and installation of the HD Central Switching System video signalsand digital video on the CPP RTVE in Barcelona.

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