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Alba Ruz

Alba Ruz

Monday, 02 May 2016 10:35

Creative Services Crew / UAE

VAV Middle East, as announced in September, has been all season providing creative services crew for LIVE Media Productions, providing coverage in their productions of OBsstudios and ENGs servicesThe profiles we are providing are OB camera operatorstudio camera operatorcrane operatorsSteadicam operators and EVS operatorsThe experience of this first year has been very positive and we have achieved an average of more than 450 services per month.

We are in the last days of the regular season and excitement is munching on all the stadiums. With 4 rounds left in the competition, the distance between the top two teams is only 6 points after an exciting match between the two clubs last weekendAl Ahli, champion last year, is getting closer to repeat the championship against his persecutor, Al Ain clubVAV Middle East has been a witness of exception of this game as his OB Van 10 was responsible for the production of the unilateral coverage for Abu Dhabi Media with a display of 10 camera chains to cover all angles of the game. Besides this match, we were present in three more games in this round, covering the AGL matches of Emirates vs Dibba, Al Shaab vs Al Jazira, and the thrilling encounter of the First Division (2nd division UAE) between Hatta and Ajman, in which the team of the small town of Hatta closed its ascent to the AGL.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016 03:10

Camel Races Umm Al Qwain

The camel racing season is coming to an end as temperatures start to increase with the arrival of Spring. It is during the month of April that the Grand Finals championships are held to define the best camels of the year.
VAV Middle East has again been present at this sports event producing the signal for a camel race from Umm Al Qwaim, the norther emirate of the country. We prepare at Lubsah camel race track facilities a deployment of 7 HD camera chains to cover the race and the numerous VIPs presentWithin the device we can highlight two wireless systems in jeeps following the race and a Super slow motion camera to provide images of the finish line.

Monday, 21 March 2016 13:12

Endurance races special program

AV Middle East centralizes most of its work in covering special programs for equestrian endurance championships during this week. This sport is very popular in the UAE since the Sheikhs are an active part of them, drawing attention to the discipline and giving an added value that drives this beautiful sport to the maximum rates of interest among the emirate society. The beauty of the horses is mixed with the desert landscape giving images of incredible plasticity.
This discipline takes place in the early hours of the morning so the desert heat will not negatively impact on the health of the horses, who face distances, sometimes over 100 km. The health care of the horse is high and deployment of veterinary staff and animal care, with strict sanitary control, ensures maximum safety for the animal and the rider. This week we have been producing the nightly special analysis program for the currently competitions in two locations: the stables of Bu Theeb in Abu Dhabi and the Endurance Dubai race tracks, which is celebrating Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Endurance Cup, one of the most important and demanding tests of the calendar. HD OB Van 8 has been assigned to produce the programs with a display of 7 camera chains, including a crane of 9 meters.

The new OB Van HD 4 already in our facilities to begin the integration of engineering and equipment.

This OB Van, created on rigid vehicle of 10 meters, will have a capacity of up to 12 HD camera chains, 3 EVS, 2 CCU and 1 director position.

A unit designed for requirements of the market and our customers that fulfill the highest standards of quality and efficiency. We plan to be ready to work the middle of next April.

Monday, 14 March 2016 13:46

ITU World Triathlon Series / Abu Dhabi

On March 4-5 2016, the ITU World Triathlon Series came to Abu Dhabi city, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the world’s pinnacle triathlon circuit contested by the best Olympic competitors. The winner was the spaniard Mario Mola.
With the dawn of 2016, the year of the Rio 2016 OlympicsAbu Dhabi once again find itself the focus of the triathlon world as the first leg of the ITU World Triathlon SeriesThe world’s best triathletes, including several Olympic contenders, kicked-off this highly anticipated Olympic season on the Abu Dhabi Corniche on 5 March to compete on an Olympic distance course for the very first time in the UAE capitalVAV Middle East was in charge of the host signal and collaborate in a wide display that included 12 HD camera chains with 19 different positions during the competition, 1 helicopter with cineflex2 motorbikeswireless systems and several box lenses. The OB Van assigned was our OB Van HD 11, with a capacity for 20 HD camera chains and 5 EVS positions.

VAV Middle East remains protagonist covering international competitions from United Arab Emirates. On this occasion, since February 26, and from the yacht club facilities in Abu Dhabi, we have covered FINA (International Swimming Federation) marathon in open waters and high diving world cup.
Emirati´s perfect winter temperatures have welcomed 4 intense days of water sport bringing together the best swimmers in the world in both specialties.
Two events are on the programme: a men's competition in five rounds and a women's competition in two rounds. Men perform five dives from a 27m platform while women take off from a 20m platformOB Van 11 was allocated for the production of the event with an extensive technical and human device. Among the specifications of a production with 10 camera chains we can highlight the use of a Technocrane 50, a Hyperslowmotion camera, cineflex and link systems.


Tuesday, 01 March 2016 01:28

Arabian Gulf League

Football and more football. Last weekend VAV Middle East has produced 3 of the 7 matches of the 19th round of the Arabian Gulf League. For that we have travelled around the country visiting the cities of Fujairah, Sharjah and Dubai.
OB Van 8 travelled to Dubai and Sharjah to cover the matches of  Al Nasr vs Dibba Fujairah and Al Shaab vs Sharjah. 3 of the 4 teams are engaged in a struggle for permanence where it seems that the team of Al Shaab (Sharjah City) is out of options with a balance of 15 defeats in 19 rounds.OB Van 11 moved to Fujairah to cover the match between Al Wasl and Fujariah. Fujairah, penultimate qualifying team confirmed its bad position with a defeat in their own stadium. Al Wasl remains in a position to access the Asian competition equivalent to the Europa League. The device for the 3 games was the usual with HD 13 camera chains, including 4 box lenses, 1 crane, 2 mini-cameras, 1 orbiter and a HD 42x.

Thursday, 25 February 2016 15:41


Among the many festivals held in the country during the winter, the one held in the city of Sweihan, 100 km east of the capital, stands out. In the festival you can find heritage markets, camel auctions, races of salukis (dog race typical of the region) and above all and as main attraction, camel races are heldThis time, our OB Van 11 has deployed a higher gear than usual for this type of events and the deployment has been of 12 HD camera chains. Among them we count 4 box lenses, 1 SSLM, 2 mini-cameras, 1 Jimmy jib of 6 meters, octocopter, 2 cameras in jeeps and 5 wireless systems.

Saturday, 20 February 2016 00:31

World Government Summit 2016 / Dubai

Last week VAV ME has participated in one of the most important events of the year in the United Arab Emirates: the World Government Summit 2016. In the facilities of Mina a'Salam, at the foot of the Burj Al Arab, the famous 7-star wing-shape hotel in Dubai, senior international personalities from politics, sociology, social thought and business meet to discuss government trends in the world and to investigate new ways of political social progress. This year Barack Obama, President of the United States, will be the main guest of the Summit. OB Van 11 has been shifted to Dubai to prepare a production of 4 cameras for a personalize production for Abu Dhabi Media with three cameras on a special set and a wireless system for interviews.

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