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Alba Ruz

Alba Ruz

Saturday, 14 November 2015 16:05

Camel Races // Al Wathba / Abu Dhabi

Camel races take place in the outskirts of Abu Dhabi city, in the Al Wathba neighborhood. This is the area where two impressive camel race tracks are located, as well as the National Federation headquarters.

This time, OB Van 11 was there to cover the races taking place in the smaller of the two circuits in Abu Dhabi (up to 8 kms length), during the weekend. Races start up at 7am, at dawn, to finish its first round by 10am. Then, when the sun goes down, it starts again offering an amazing show during the sunset.

 The usual display for this productions includes 1 Superslow motion camera  and two jeeps fixed with 2 cameras to cover the race, beside other cameras like the ones located at the start and finish lines.

Saturday, 07 November 2015 00:06

IFJ Grand Slam Judo / Abu Dhabi

VAV Middle East keeps passionately living Judo competitions in Abu Dhabi, by covering the International Judo Federation´s Grand slam. This specific one, gathers the best 148 international judokas within the categories of -78kg and +78kg for female, as well as -90kg, -100kg and +100kg for male.FGB Arena, at Abu Dhabi´s Sport City, was the location for this event that closed the end of a great week of Judo in UAE, in which, we were participating from the beginning by covering the International Judo Championship, within the junior category. VAV ME was the international host broadcaster for the event, during the 3 days of competition, by using the OB Van 11 equipped with 13 HD cameras chains - 2 of them Super Slow Motion1 Hyper Slow Motion1 jimmy jib3x 40x lenses and 3 box lenses.

Sunday, 01 November 2015 16:19

World Judo Championships / Abu Dhabi

During this week the WORLD JUDO CHAMPIONSHIPs, in its junior category, is taking place at the FGB Arena in Zayed Sport City, Abu Dhabi. This championship, along with the high number of Jiu Jitsu international celebrate in the country, turns UAE as one of the most important host for martial arts in the world.
A deployment of 6 cameras, including 2 orbiters with box lenses, and a Jimmy Jib, completed the OB Van´s 11 gear for the the event.

Sunday, 01 November 2015 16:17

Wooden Powerboat Race / Abu Dhabi

Last weekend, OB Van 10 went to the Yacht Club in Abu Dhabi, to cover one of the wooden powerboat races within the international boating circuit. For the last two years, VAV Middle East has been there witnessing the aquatic sports boom within the capital of the country.
During this time we have seen, between others, Jet ski races, boating and sailing ones, Xcats, etc… the nice weather of the country makes possible the practice of this type of sports over almost 9 months of the year.
For the covering of the race we use 3 box lenses, 3 wireless cameras (one located on the National Tower building’s roof) and a studio for the unilateral broadcasting for Abu Dhabi Media.

Saturday, 24 October 2015 14:30

Camel Race Studio / UAE

As the temperature keeps dropping, the season for the camel races starts up. This event is highly followed by the Emirati society and represents one of the favorite sport within the Royal Family. The races take place during the dawn and the sunset since the weather is less warm at this time of the day.
This week VAV Middle East went to Al Wathba, on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi, to produce a program in which the current topics about the camel races were discussed. Camel races results, anecdote of the day, old stories related to the Sheikhs, are part of the conversations of the program.

For the broadcasting of this program, the OB Van 10 was fix with a set of 7 HD camerasincluding 2x 7 meters Jimmy JibTo complete what has been our busy week, just to mention that last Friday we covered the Juma´a prayer that took place in the city of Kalba, within the Sharjah emirateOB Van 10, with a display of 6 HD cameras, was in charge for it.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015 11:44

Football // Arabian Gulf Cup / UAE

Arabian Gulf Cup´s third round was held during the weekend and VAV Middle East was part of it by producing two of the seven matches that were played. 

OB 10 travelled last Friday to Madinat Zayed city, in Western Region, to cover the match between Al Dhafrah and Al Shaab with the result of 3 to 1 for the local team. David Barral, a Spanish player, is playing for Al Dhafrah and took the main role of the game as he scored from more than 20 meters the last goal of his team. The day after, OB 10 travelled to Dubai, to Maktoum bin Rashid Stadium to cover the victory of Al Shabab over Al Jazira2 to 1In both games we develop the usual display of 13 HD cameras including 4 box lensesone jimmy jib, one orbiterone 42x lens and the follow up of the press conference and the mixed zone.


Tuesday, 20 October 2015 11:41

Dubai Jiu Jitsu Open / UAE

This weekend the OB Van 11 was an outstanding witness for the Jiu Jitsu Open that took place at Al Nasr´s Sports Club, the team from the Arabian Gulf League, located in Bujr Dubai, a neighborhood in Dubai city.

 VAV Middle East covered the event, including a unilateral production for Abu Dhabi MediaA display of 5 HD cameras, including 3 box lenses 95x, a 7 meters Jimmy Jib Triangle (as a new acquisition for our technical gear in VAV Middle East in UAE), 2 orbiters and 1 lens 42x, were used for the host signal. Another 3 cameras for the set1 for the journalist and a beauty shot, completed the stuff for the studio.

Sunday, 11 October 2015 14:57

Abu Dhabi Tour 2015

The first edition of the Abu Dhabi Tour started 8th October and VAV Middle East was there as part of this wide (human & technical) coverage developed by Abu Dhabi Sports for the event. The race involves 4 stages around the emirate, passing through Al AinYas Marina CircuitMadina ZayedLiwa and the city of Abu DhabiVAV Middle East is already collaborating since we have covered, by using both our creative and technical crew, the press conference previous to the first stage which took place in Yas Marina Circuit. Our U.M. 11 HD covered the TV press conference at the studio, with a deployment of 6 HD cameras, including a wireless camera.

Monday, 05 October 2015 13:03

Creative Crew Services in UAE

As we have been informing since the last month, VAV Middle East is providing its creative crew services (cameramanjimmy jib operatorsteady cam operator and EVS operator) for LIVE HD productions. The season has just begun and activity is buzzing, what offers us a lot of opportunities to collaborate on all kind of productions.  Among the services provided we can stand out the following: ENG services for news, both sports and social.  We have covered different events as: a concert in the New York UniversityCirkopolis, kind of Cirque du Soleil circus show; or the Alice in Wonderland on ice showLIVE HD OB productions, including a unilateral coverage for Abu Dhabi Sports of the capital´s derby between Al Wahda y Al Ain within the Arabian Gulf League; or a Dubai Police horses showShows in Abu Dhabi Media studios like Game Over, or the Arabian Gulf League highlights program, etc...

Dibba Fujairah is a football team from Dibba, a small town located northeast of United Arab Emirates, which accomplished a tremendous deed last year getting promoted to the Arabian Gulf League, the most important football competition in the country.  Promotion was decided in a thrilling last round, where VAV ME covered two out of the three most relevant games. This time, Dibba Fujairah traveled to Dubai city to play against Al Shabab F.C, “the youth”, in order to keep its leading edge in a competition that is getting more competitive every year. HD OB VAN 11 was assigned for the production of this game with enough resources for a 13 camerascoverage including the mixed zone after the end of the match. Four box lenses1x 42x lensone SSMone orbiter and two goal minicams, were used for the event as part of the usual display for AGL matches.

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